We are happy to help brighten your loved one’s week, and would be honored to get to be a part of her recruitment experience! We offer two types of gifts for recruitment. Bid Day Gifts and Rush Week Happies. 

The University of Alabama and Panhellinic have an approved delivery schedule for all local vendors to follow. There are no deliveries allowed on Bid Day to any sorority house. The 2023 delivery schedule will be released in August 2023. 

What is a Bid Day Gift?

A Bid Day gift is a special surprise sent to new members once they have accepted a bid. We will receive new member lists for each sorority on Bid Day after all the new members have received their bid. All Bid Day gifts are delivered to the sorority houses on the day and time the sorority selects. The University of Alabama Panhellinic Association does not allow any deliveries to sorority houses on Bid Day. 

We have a variety of Bid Day packages. Whether you are buying a gift for your daughter, granddaughter, or friend, we have a variety of gift options at different price points. However, if you do not see a package that works for you, feel free to give us a call at 205-872-8050. We would love to help!

If we run out of a product you want, a product of equal of more value will be replaced in the package. Items may be exchanged so that we make sure your daughter gets exactly what you’ve ordered. Exchanges may only be made for other Greek merchandise.

What is a Rush Week Happy?

We have a variety of gifts perfect for wishing your student “Good luck!” during rush week. We have a gift guide for each day of the week under "Good Luck Gifts".

Rush week happies are available for pick up at Lou and Company throughout rush week. If you have any questions or want help selecting a gift give us a call at 205-872-8050.

How do I order?

Order online or by calling 205-872-8050. We are happy to help you in any way we can!

How will my student know they are getting a gift?

We will send your student a text notifying them of the rush week happy or good luck gift. 

When is the deadline to order?

August 13th is the deadline to place a Bid Day order. We recommend placing orders early. All orders are filled in the order they are placed. So the earlier the better! 

When will Bid Day gifts be delivered?

Lou & Company will deliver Bid Day gifts to the sorority houses post Bid Day in anticipation of the new members return from their new member retreats. The University of Alabama does NOT allow any deliveries to sorority houses on Bid Day. In coordination with the University of Alabama Panhellenic Association, each sorority has designated a specific time and date for deliveries. The delivery schedule for every vendor in Tuscaloosa delivering Bid Day packages is listed below. All girls receiving a gift will receive a text message, notifying them that their Bid Day gift has been delivered to their sorority house.

The University of Alabama Bid Day Delivery Schedule for Bid Day 2021 is posted above.


How will we know which sorority she will receive a bid from?

Once the girls receive their bids on Bid Day, Lou & Company will receive a “bid list” from the University of Alabama Panhellinic Association. We will not know which sorority the girls will accept until we receive this list from Panhellinic, as it is confidential. If we do not see your daughter’s name on this list, we will call you to make sure this is correct.

What if my student cannot find her gift?

Due to the large volume of gifts delivered that day, some can get hidden. Please ask her to double check. Once the gift has been delivered to the sorority house, we are unable to go back in to locate it.

Can I make my own package or order one item?

We recommend ordering one of the prebuilt packages to ensure your daughter receives a gift on Bid Day. Any additional items added to packages may not be delivered on time. 

Can my daughter exchange items she received in her Bid Day gift?

If she receives an item that she would like to exchange, she is more than welcome to do so during our exchange period (August 18th - August 31st, 2020). Greek items can only be exchanged for other Greek items. ALL embroidered items are not returnable. 

What will happen if a girl does not receive a bid?

If a girl’s name is not on the Bid Day list, Lou & Company will call you to confirm that this is correct. If she does not receive a bid, you will have the option to either send her a “happy,” a non-Greek item, or get a refund.

What will happen if a girl does not accept a bid?

If your daughter does not accept the bid she got on Bid Day please call us to cancel your package. Otherwise, the gift will still be delivered to the sorority house because we will have no way of knowing she did not accept the bid she received.