May 8th marks the first day to register for recruitment at the University of Alabama, and rush week will be here before we know it! Lou & Company is excited to offer Recruitment Week happies to be delivered during open house, philanthropy and sisterhood days along with personalized Bid Day baskets and gifts to celebrate becoming a sorority pledge. With UA holding the largest sorority recruitment in the country, finding your home away from home is a major  accomplishment and will help your daughter, friend or loved one make the most of their four years at the university. We are here to help make recruitment a special time by providing them with unique surprises throughout the week and special bid day gifts to help them start their collection of sorority gear.

Lou & Company offers a variety of different bid day baskets, starting at $100, that will be delivered to the new pledge’s sorority house on the big day. You can also create your custom gift basket that can be delivered to the sorority house for a $5 delivery fee.
Non-Greek affiliated gifts can be pre-ordered and delivered to freshmen dorms during recruitment week with custom gift wrapping for a $5 delivery fee as well. All of these gifts and packages are filled on a first come first served basis, so we encourage you to order soon to get exactly what you want by Bid Day. However, if we run out of the products you want, we will make sure your loved one gets exactly what you’ve ordered within two weeks after August 19. Exchanges can be made by new members at the store starting the Friday after Bid Day for other Greek merchandise only.

We are happy to help brighten your loved one’s week, and would be honored to get to be a part of her recruitment experience!