About Us


University of Alabama alumni, Sydney Powers, saw an untapped niche for an interiors and gifts store in Tuscaloosa, and she has made her dream a reality with a little help from the her Mom and the store’s namesake, Sydney’s Goldendoodle, Lou. If you get lucky, you just may be greeted by lovable Lou when you step into the adorable, sweet-smelling store that offers everything from homemade jams to sorority gifts to baby clothes, mostly made in Alabama.
Lou & Co. is home to many elegant home decor items, as well as creative and cute accessories that can only be found at specialty shops or on the artisans’ online stores, and Sydney is always on the quest to find more great locally made gifts. Lou & Co. is the perfect place to pick up a gift for the wonderful women in your life. 
Lou and Co. is located at 555 20th Ave. Tuscaloosa, AL 35401