• $18.00

1818 Farms Bath Truffles are one of the lines signature soaks. Your skin will love the shea and cocoa butter that is melted and blended with kaolin clay and formed into a hand pressed truffle for your bath. The combination of the butters and clay leave your skin smooth and soft. After the truffle bath you will feel like you have applied a rich lotion to your skin.

There are 5.5 ounces of truffles included in each tin. This is approximately 4 baths. The tin is tied with a rustic rope and adorned with an organza ribbon.

Handmade and hand packaged in Alabama. Each product features one of the farms beloved animals as its "Cover-Guy" or "Cover-Girl." 

The farms pot-bellied pig, Cupcake, is the "Cover-Girl" for this product. She is queen of the barnyard, very social and intelligent. Cupcake loves belly rubs and will oink away in approval during what she considers to be a massage! Cupcake wishes that she had these skin softening bath truffles for her little black pool that she soaks in during the hot summer months.

Three scents are available: Buttercream, Lavender, and Spring Flower

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Baking Soda, Kaolin Clay, Citric Acid, Cocoa Butter, Essential Oils and Fragrances

For the animal lovers in your life you will want to read about our adorable Barnyard Bath Truffles that are molded into various farm animal molds and dipped with mica colored cocoa butter. These truffles come in our Citrus Scent.